Dial A Story

We will be starting a new digital activity this February; Dial a Story. Dial a Story is a chance to give your child a one on one story with Ms. Ronnie and allow them to have a mini tour of the kids room to virtually choose their own books for curbside pickup.

How does this work?
Reserve your time slot on a Tuesday morning. Meeting spots start at 10:00am. We will let you know available time slots when you e-mail. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to ensure the right address. Day of the event Ms. Ronnie will send you a link to join a Google Meeting which will be a digital voice/video meeting. You can join from any valid email address. It does not have to be gmail.

How will it be structured?
When you log on we will do introductions, share a quick rhyme/finger play (developmental level dependent), a story, and then do a mini tour to allow for book selection. Each meeting will run about 15 minutes. Book selections will be bundled and checked out on your card for curbside pickup.

How do you register?
Easy! Send Ms. Ronnie an e-mail at vtatro@ncls.org. The email should include the parent/caregiver's name, child's name, child's age, and the email you would like to register for the meeting with. Once we have that we can let you know which times are available. First come first serve.