Computer Use

Seven computers are available for public use. Patrons have access to Microsoft Office 2016, which includes Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel, as well as the internet.

Patrons also have access to a scanner and printers that are networked to all seven computers.

Printer Charges

  • 25 Cents per B&W page printed
  • 75 Cents per Color page printed

Internet Use & Policy

The mission of the Massena Public Library is to support the development of an informed citizenry by collecting, transmitting, and ensuring open access to the world’s ideas and information. To this end, the Library provides access to the internet. All patrons will have enhanced accessibility to ideas and information through the Library’s gateway to the internet.

The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. The internet and its resources may contain controversial or inappropriate material. However, the Library does not restrict access or protect users from information they may find offensive. Patrons use the internet at their own discretion.

Parents and guardians of minor children, not the Library, are responsible for their children’s use of the internet through the library connection. Illegal activities intended to disrupt network services or equipment are prohibited.

Materials copied on this computer network may be subject to coyright laws and may not be copied without permission of the copyright owner unless the proposed use falls within the definition of “Fair Use”. Misuse of the computer will result in a loss of computer privileges.