The Massena Public Library is a municipal library that is supported by the tax payers who reside in the town of Massena. This May, the library will be asking community members to vote on a referendum that will reestablish the Massena Public Library as the Henry H. Warren Memorial Library, for the benefit and free use of all residents of the Massena Central School District.

The transition from a municipal library to a school district library provides a number of benefits to the community, and it more accurately represents the population served by the library.


  • Funds allocated from school ballot votes are generally considered a stable and reliable source of funding, unlike municipal funding, which is not guaranteed year after year. Predictable funding allows the library to focus on services and long-range planning that addresses community needs.
  • School district libraries can draft a budget and allocate funds in any manner that the library board deems appropriate (and in accordance with NYS education law!), meaning the library has better control over their own budget.
  • The school district model offers better transparency to the community served by the library, and community members have direct say over any budget increases.

Financial implications

  • Taxes will change. Residents of the Town of Massena would no longer fund the library through their Town taxes; library funds would be collected by the Massena Central School Board, and residents of the school district would see a line item for the Library on their annual school tax bill.
  • For more detailed information about library funding, the annual budget, and tax implications, please see our Financial Information page.

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